I feel like a wall has been torn down in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul. Something has been preventing me from fully experiencing God’s love and expressing it the way it should be for the last few weeks, months, and maybe even year. And I feel like I can see clearly now. Like the scales have fallen from my eyes.

I’m not quite sure I can explain it but I’m thankful for a God that continues to pursue us even if we’re not sure we want to be pursued. I’m thankful for a God who listens to our confession and speaks to us in our repentance. I’m thankful for a God who uses a string of little things to break down a huge barrier.

And I’m thankful for a Savior who stands in front of us and says, “I am”. I am the one who will carry your burdens, I am the one who brings light in the darkness, I am the one who can handle your pain, I am the one that loves you no matter, I am the one who works for your good, I am the one who has been here even when you don’t acknowledge me.

I am the one who loves you even when you don’t think you feel it.

Praise God.

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